29 January 2011

Five Little Stitches

This morning had just barely begun. Oliver was done with his cereal. Bennett was done with his morning bath. Brian had just drug himself from the bed to the couch where he hoped to wake himself up. I sat on the couch reading blogs while I began to dream about what our day might look like.

It seemed we had a chance to do something today.  There was a small improvement in everyone's colds so we thought we might be able to go to the park to play or at least an afternoon family walk around the neighborhood.

But these plans all changed when Bennett, toddling around the living room, ran into our brick fireplace.  He's fallen before but never like that.  This was a fall onto the fireplace without even the safety of his hands to help.  It was one of those that made a sound where you knew it was bad even before he cried in response.

Also as soon as I saw the 1.5 inch gash started bleeding, I knew it meant stitches.

Brian and I were both panicked.  We used a towel to suppress the bleeding.  Everyone except Bennett was still in their PJ's.  We knew leaving for the ER meant we would be gone for hours.  We threw clothes on, grabbed a few things and left.

Fortunately, Bennett stopped crying once in the car.  And his bleeding began to slow.  In fact, once we arrived to the ER, Bennett seemed just fine.  But we knew that this little wound needed professional care.

It was a bit surreal to have to return to the ER again only days after we had just been there. 

This time, Oliver came with us.  He was excited about the whole adventure.  His favorite part was getting to hold the number card they gave us in the ER.   There are more people there this morning than on Tuesday night.  But our wait wasn't very long.

Once we got into a room, the nurse and doctor both came in to assess the damage.  The doctor agreed that we did the best thing by coming in.  He said it needed stitches.  Before leaving, they put gauze on it.  Bennett was in a pretty good mood by this point.

The doctor asked us if Bennett might calm down enough that we could hold him still for the procedure.  (Bennett sometimes goes hysterical when a doctor or nurse comes near him.)  We explained that he would not likely calm down.  The doctor suggested we give him Versid, a medication like Valium, to help him.  After we left the room, we explained to Bennett that we were going to give him medicine through his g-tube. 

I caught a few pictures of Oliver very sweetly explaining to Bennett what that meant to give him medicine through his g-tube.

Oliver shows Bennett how the doctor is going to put the medicine, "right there."

More spontaneous hugs from sweet big brother.

The nurse came in to hook Bennett up to an oximeter to monitor his heart rate.  Bennett was not thrilled.

We know all about oximeters.   They don't hurt but Bennett hates the little things on his toes.

My sweet boys wait while the Versid medication relaxes Bennett.

Within about 15 minutes, it was obvious the Versid had hit Bennett.  He was looking pretty relaxed, even drunk.  It was pretty funny.  He was awake but very chilled.

Brian was eventually able to lay Bennnett down on the bed.

Brian talks to Bennett.

Bennett loves his Daddy.

Eventually, the doctor and nurse came in to do the deed.  It's hard to tell how deep it was but it was surprising a fall on the brick could make such a mark!

Bennett had to be swaddled in order for him to be still during the procedure but he did really nice.  He received five stitches.

The finished product.

Bennett looks thrilled.

After the doctor was done, he wanted us to wait about 30 minutes to make sure Bennett woke up some more.  He wanted to monitor his heartrate to make sure Bennett was good to go home.  Shortly after the procedure Bennett had a diaper that went threw his pants (wouldn't you know?).  So, we just let Bennett lay out on the bed.  He didn't seem that interested in doing much else.

Bennett didn't seem to show he had much pain, which is good.  The doctor said a sort of "amnesia" affect on kids.  So, it is likely Bennett won't remember the episode...which is funny, really, since he is only 16 months so he won't remember anything anyway. :)

Bennett shows off his oximeter.

Daddy entertains Oliver with his smartphone.  Thank goodness for Smartphones!

Bennett plays cars on his bed.

We are now home and have resumed our efforts of recovering from a week of hospitals and colds!  They say things like this come in three.  Let's hope this was a our third and last hospital admission for quite some time!!


  1. As soon as you said brick, I got goosebumps. Poor Bennett! Oh and those Oximeters have done Molly in. She won't let a nurse or doctor get near her without screaming. Thank goodness for sedation!

  2. OMGoodness, you guys just can't catch a break. Thank goodness they gave B some drugs, Ben would have flipped out too. At least it'll be a good story to tell Bennett's dates one day.
    PS- I just bought Ben the same top Oliver is wearing from Gymboree :) Great minds think alike

  3. Uh ... WOW! Did you see my post from last week where Azer had his eyebrow area split open from bumping into a "pipe thing" at school? Tired of the hospital yet?

  4. Aww. Poor Bennett. Hope that this means you can stay clear of hospitals and doctors for a while!!

  5. When C was little she toddled into the fireplace hearth and cut the skin beside her eye. She didn't get stitches but has a small scar. THey said it would scar either with or without because of the location. We bought the foam adhesive things from Babies R Us now for it- they've saved us from additional cuts for sure! You can buy the special corners and then the Babies R Us brand long foam pieces to cut to fit the straight-a-ways!

  6. Man alive when it rains it pours! Poor little guy! I'm so sorry Breck! Hopefully now you will have peace and quiet for a bit. xo


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