14 January 2011

Feeding Clinic Update

Well, we've got a tentative date for Bennett's Feeding Clinic admission.  Our date is for the beginning of April.

I'm feeling mixed feelings about it, honestly.  I'm beginning to get a better picture of what the in-patient program looks like. 

First two weeks consist of Bennett being with the therapists full time from about 8am-5:30pm.  I would stay with him in the hospital at night, Brian and Oliver could not.  A doctor and dietitian would monitor Bennett's health while he learns to eat without the tube.

The next two to three weeks could consist of me being with Bennett throughout the day and night.  Brian and Oliver could be with us during the day as well (except during the 3 meals and 2 snack times) but not at night. 

The program would be about 5 weeks in Dallas.  I could have a caregiver (like a grandmother or husband) stay with Oliver at the Ronald McDonald house nearby.  However, for 5 weeks, I would have to have someone watch Oliver at night.

It's a really hard decision to make.  On the one hand, this is a one-in-lifetime opportunity.  There are very few top-rated feeding clinics like Baylor's in the US.  But on the other hand, those five weeks would rip us from our home and our routine.  Oliver has begun to really show signs of improvement from his therapy.  I'd hate to take one step forward and then one step back.  I certainly can't help one son while sacrificing the other.

We've got a call into a few experts on Bennett's team to become better informed about this decision.  But for now, I'm feeling about 50/50 on it. Yes, I want to take this awesome opportunity.  But yes, I want to make sure everybody in our family stays sane in the process.

P.S. Bennett's C.Diff. test came back negative today!  Hip hip hooray!  No IV or ID for this buggar!  Great news for us all!

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