17 January 2011

A CF Christmas

This is my last lingering post about our Christmas in 2010. But it's one I don't want to forget. 

One of my favorite parts of the Christmas began to emerge around the middle part of December.  Shortly before Christmas, one Christmas card after another began showing up in our mailbox.  Like every year, I was ecstatic!  It is so fun to receive mail...but especially when the letters include sweet pictures of friends and family!

This year, we decorated our mantle with them.  It was a tangible sign of how blessed we are to have such wonderful people in our lives.

But there were a few extra special surprises this year.  To my delight, we received a few cards from families we have never met but with whom we have an undeniable bond...This is from Gavin's family.

We received Christmas cards from other CF families whom we've gotten to know through blogs, Facebook and CysticLife.  This is from Brady's family.

Getting a Christmas card from these families made them so much more real to us.  Having their pictures on our mantle (and now that Christmas is over, having their pictures on our refrigerator) has helped us remember that we are not alone in this fight against CF.  This picture is from Ben's family.

And if that wasn't enough to make this Christmas a bit "CF Special", I received another surprise when  I was invited to participate in a CF Mom Christmas exchange, an idea that began "virtually" through Facebook.  One of my favorite CF mommas invited a group of other CF mommas to participate.  I wondered if it made any sense to participate in a gift exchange with women whom I had never met.  But considering that most of the women in the exchange were those whom I had come to highly respect and appreciate through daily reading their blogs or communicating online about our children, I decided to join in.  And I am soo very glad I did.  Shortly after arriving home from Missouri, I found this package.

Inside was a note that read, "Dear Breck, I believe with all my heart that our miracle will come.  It is simply a matter of time... Merry Christmas to a special Mom.  Love, Your Secret Santa Rebecca Schroeder."

And to my surprise and delight, I found inside the package a beautiful hour glass.   What an incredibly thoughtful gift!

Not only do I love the hourglass itself, but I love what the hourglass represents.  As it sits on a shelf in our living room, this hourglass offers me a reminder that I am not alone as I give Bennett his daily vest treatments or administer his medications or comfort his pain. 

This hourglass reminds me that there are others out there going through some of the same emotions, having the same worries and longing for the same relief for which we long.  As I watch the slow sprinkling of white sand inside the glass, I am reminded that, in time, hope will come.  Such a great keepsake to receive considering the Christmas season.  Thank you, Rebecca!!


  1. Beautiful pictures and also beautiful words. :)

  2. Great post, I love our CF community! I'm sad I missed out on the gift exchange.

  3. The families who understand our battle mean the world to me. I'm so glad to know you and the other CF mamas I've met! Keep up the fight!


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