11 January 2011

CF Appointment Update

Yesterday, we went to Bennett's monthly CF appointment.  At this point, he is continuing to be monitored monthly.  We have another appointment set up for February.  If all looks good, we will begin the quarterly monitoring that most non-sick CF patients receive.  Bennett has been more closely monitored due to his initial complications and continued difficulties with eating, weight gain and C.Diff.

The CF doctor was very happy with how Bennett is doing.  His weight is right on target as he continues to stay on his growth curve.  Although he has a residual cough from a virus that both Oliver and Bennett came down with over Christmas, his lungs apparently sound really clear and the doctor feels the cough will clear up on its own.

I have yet to hear back from the GI doctor's nurse to tell me if she had said "ID" or "IV" but the CF doctor seemed to feel confident that she was referring to ID (an infectious disease doctor).  She said that C.Diff. is not usually treated with IV antibiotics.  This makes us so happy!  I had a dream nightmare the other night that we were being admitted in the hospital.  I was a mess over it.  The thought of having to deal with a 15 month old on IV antibiotics in the hospital for a week is overwhelming.  Thankfully, that doesn't look like something we are going to have to do for now.

We took Bennett's poop to the doctor have it sent off to the lab to retest for C.Diff.  I'm hopeful that possibly there is a chance that there is no C.Diff.  But I'm prepared to go with my intuition that he still has it.  We should hear back by next Tuesday (I'm crossing my fingers that we'll hear back by Friday).

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  1. Hope your results are negative. THinking of you. Keep us posted!


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