31 January 2011

Bennett can't ever have an Appendicitis....

This is what a normal person's intestines look like and what Bennett's intestine's looked like before his right-after-birth surgery:
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This is what Bennett's intestines look like now, after surgery:
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How did I miss this?!  Last week, while talking with the Pediatric Surgeon, I learned for the first time that Bennett doesn't have an Appendix.  (The appendix is connected to the large part of the bowel on the bottom left of the right ascending colon.)

Apparently, the type of surgery Bennett underwent right after birth (called a Right Hemicolectomy, which was due to a Meconium Ileus intestinal perforation) required that Bennett's appendix be removed (along with part of his intestines). 

Of course, this isn't a big deal since the Appendix doesn't have any real purpose in our bodies.  But, I just thought it was pretty funny that of all the health problems Bennett is at a greater risk for, the one thing he isn't at risk for is an appendicitis!  Sweet!


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