26 January 2011

Admitted To The ER...And Then Transferred To Temple

Bennett's C.Diff. came to a head tonight.  For weeks, months really, we have watched our guy projectile vomit, struggle through almost a dozen diarrhea diapers a day and suffer with retching, nausea and rectal prolapse.  But it wasn't until tonight that it all became too much.

Brian changed Bennett's diaper around 7pm.  He noticed his diaper had some stool but also had mucus and blood in it.  But more shocking was how severe Bennett's rectal prolapse was.

We tried to push Bennett's rectum back in his bottom but it wouldn't go.  We gave him a 20 warm bath but that did no good.  Eventually I called the doctor to find out when we should begin to worry.  The GI doctor said "an hour is too long" which was disappointing since we had seen Bennett's rectal prolapse almost two hours before.

The GI doctor suggested we go to our closest emergency room for help.  The bottom line was we can't just leave his rectum outside of his body.

I'm too tired to write a lot more but in the end, the Emergency Doctor couldn't do much for Bennett.  Bennett's rectal prolapse was just too sever.  So, within hours, Bennett was transferred to Scott and White in Temple and has been admitted.

For now, all we know is Bennett may or may not have surgery soon to fix his rectal prolapse issues.  Tomorrow, the Infectious Disease doctor will be by to find out more about our issues with C.Diff.  Ultimately, the surgeon wants to delay any surgery if there is any chance of solving his C.Diff. problems (and potentially the reason why he has rectal prolapse at all).

Tonight, wearing a tiny baby blue hospital gown and a soft green pacifier hanging from his mouth, Bennett sleeps in the small metal hospital "crib" next to me.  One of his arms are wrapped with white medical tape strapped to a small board.  An IV runs through his arm to give his body fluids while he is being evaluated by doctors tonight and tomorrow.  His other hand, halfway open, holds a tiny monkey toy the nurses gave him after he was done getting his IVs.

I am sad that Bennett sleeps without the laughter and comfort of his brother in his next room.  And I am sad that he sleeps not knowing what tomorrow will bring.  But I am glad that he sleeps one step closer to getting some of his GI issues resolved.   

Brian is staying with us tonight.  And Oliver is staying with friends. Hopefully tomorrow we will find out if our stay here will be short or long.  The scariest part of being admitted to the hospital is knowing that, ulimately, you don't make the decision to go home.


  1. Please, please, please keep us posted. I wish I was there so I could keep you company while you wait.

  2. I am praying for you. And Bennett. Today will bring a new chance for hope and a new chance to help Bennett.

  3. Thinking of you all. Be the best advocate for Bennett! The hospital can always be a trying time since , we as parents feel like we loose a little "control" over the care of our babies. Remember though- you are in the driver's seat. You may not have control of when you get to go home, but if you feel that Bennett is getting the BEST care or you are unsure about a medical decision...question it or take him elsewhere. We had to do this the with our little girl when she was only 3 months old. It was the BEST thing we did...Keep us posted. Keeping you close in thought.


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