29 December 2010

Wrapped Up In The Cord

Bennett regularly gets "wrapped up in his cord" at night.  Actually, he gets wrapped up in his feeding bag tubing.  It's often hard to get a picture of it but we were able to this time.  Bennett sleeps in a pack and play at Nana and Papa's house.

Doesn't look too bad, right?  Maybe just around his neck...

Um, no, it's pretty bad.  Wrapped a couple of times.

The doctor says she's never ever heard of anybody being suffocated with their feeding tube tubing.  And our extensive research online shows us of no stories of a child dying because of this.  But it is still very frightening to see.  Ultimately, we have to consider which is likely to hurt him first - the tubing or his not getting enough calories.  Either way, it's a risk we must take when we feed him at night.

We are considering moving him to a big boy bed.  But we struggle with how that might work with this issue of getting caught in the tubing.  At least, at this point, should he pull his IV pole over, the crib (or in this case, the pack and play) catches it from hitting him in the head.  For now, we just keep a very close eye on him while he is sleeping.


  1. Oh gosh that is scary. I'm so thankful there are no 'war' stories out there.

  2. Iiiik scary! I have been thinking about that.. Sara is not fed at night yet, but the Dr. mentioned it and I have been seeing that picture in my head several times. Yikes!

  3. My daughter has the same pump, and looks like that if we try and use a pole. Instead we just out the pump and feed bag in the Zevex backpack, and throw it at the foot of her bed. She then seems to only get her legs tangled up in it.


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