26 December 2010

Traveling for the Holidays

This Christmas, we traveled to Brian's family in Missouri.  That meant a plane ride with two little ones and all of our stuff.

This is a picture of only the stuff we did not check (which included three suitcases).

This is just Bennett's Cystic Fibrosis stuff - his medication (in the black bag) and his Vest (in the blue bag).  It's so fabulous not to have to pay $25 per bag for this stuff!  These bags are considered necessary for Bennett's special need.  So, we get all medications on the plane for free!

Bennett really enjoyed pushing the stroller in the airport.

Oliver helps Daddy pull the luggage.

Oliver runs to see Nana and Papa!

 Nana is so happy to see her grandsons!!

It's so wonderful to be here!  We haven't seen Nana and Papa for nearly nine months!

"Well, Hello, Bennett!"

Oliver takes a ride to the car on Papa's scooter.  How nice that the reinforcements are here...a true Christmas vacation for Mom and Dad!

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