30 December 2010

Santa's Visit

Santa came to visit our house a few days before we left for Nana and Papa's house.

This is what Santa brought Bennett for Christmas: a book about Tigers, a red ball and a new stool with his name on it (thanks to my friend, Julie).  He didn't wrap Bennett's gifts since Bennett doesn't understand Santa yet. 

This is what Santa brought Oliver.  At our house, Santa fills a stocking and brings three gifts per child (3 gifts, because that's the number the wisemen brought - and because it's our attempt to minimize a focus on consumption at Christmas).

This was Oliver's first year to "get" Santa.  Oliver opens his gifts.

Bennett found another ball in his stocking.

Oliver's favorite gift, a wooden race car ramp.

Bennett happily plays with his favorite toys, a new toy car and his ball.

Oliver was very happy to see Santa brought him gifts.   What a fun time of the year where gifts magically appear for no reason!   We look forward to when Bennett can also appreciate the "magic" of Santa Claus!

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