15 December 2010

Santa Talks To Oliver...but Bennett thinks it's all for him.

Last year we found this fabulous website that allows Santa to talk to your child.  We have started a tradition of filming the moments when Santa talks to Oliver.

Oliver is just now beginning to grasp the idea of Santa Clause.  Of course, Bennett has no clue.  So, we created a video just for Oliver but let Bennett come over a watch it with him.

Unfortunately, the video stops abruptly at the end as I ran out of storage on my camera (too many fun moments of the boys lately).  However, this video shows the boys' sweet personalities.  Oliver is quietly enthralled with Santa Clause...and Bennett is just delighted to see a talking head moving on the computer.

Notice how, at one point, Bennett gets so excited he decides to start typing on the computer.  Poor Oliver looks up at me with the camera as to see if I notice and then gently pushes to Bennett to stop...but he hardly makes a move as thinks Santa can see him back through the screen. :)


  1. That is too sweet! I love how excited Bennett is and Oliver is just so excited, you can tell on his face!

  2. What is the website? I love how realistic that is. and poor Oliver really wanted to tell his brother to back it off! Bennett has a big personality for sure!

  3. i've watched this several times now! i just love to see their little personalities :)


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