22 December 2010

O C.Difficile!

(sung to the tune of "O, Christmas Tree!")
O C. Difficile! O C. Difficile!
Thy test-results are so unchanging;
O C. Difficile! O C. Difficile!
Thy test-results are so unchanging;
Not only is this, the third time now,
But Bennett's stools smell, oh, so foul.
O C. Difficile! O C. Difficile!
Thy test-results are so unchanging. 

We heard back from the doctors office about Bennett's stool sample specimen that was tested.  He does, in fact, have C.Diff. for the third time.  (I knew it as soon as he had his first bout of projectile vomiting at the doctors office last week.)

We are going to treat it once more with Metrodizonale given four times a day (with food) over the course of 10 days.   However, should he get it again, Bennett will be placed on Vancomycin.  If that doesn't do the trick, the nurse indicated we might have to give Bennett IV antibiotics, which usually means a hospital stay.

C. Diff. is a tough tough bacteria to get rid of.  And some CFers seem to struggle with it more than others.  It's a pretty nasty sort of thing because it causes intense abdominal cramping, vomiting, nausea, funky diarrhea, etc.  Statistics show that those who have two or more episodes of C. diff. disease run a 50% to 65% risk of another bout. 

We were surprised to hear that we are likely going to have to move up in intensity of antibiotics if this doesn't do the trick.  But we are glad the doctors are taking C.Diff. so seriously.

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  1. Ohh I Feel for you! We have been there, over and over again!! Just use those probiotics as many as he will tolerate daily...Ayla had to take Vanco but after meds were stopped it would again return. I finally just fed her a diet of yogurt and probiotics that finally worked...we have been lucky with the rx she's had recently we haven't seen "O C. Difficile" again~


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