16 December 2010

Entertaining A Preschooler and Toddler At The Doctor

We go to the doctor alot.  So, I've become very efficient with entertaining a preschooler and toddler in a small 8x12 room.  Both boys can be entertained with a combination of fishy crackers, fruit loops, m&m's and toy cars.  But after about 30 minutes, both can become very bored.  We read books.  We get up and down in the chairs.  We talk about the items in the room.  We swing the doctors' stool around and around and around.  But that quickly becomes very mundane.

So, I've begun looking for fun ways to utilize our time together in jail-cell-sized patient exam rooms.  

One of my most recent finds is this cute game called "Baby Chicks."  It's perfect for inattentive three year olds - and for mommas who get bored of little kids' games pretty fast. :)

I brought the game on Tuesday to our marathon of appointments.  Oliver seemed to really enjoy the game.  The goal: to match your "baby chick eggs" to their "mommas" on the dice and put the "chicks" in their "nest".  It's a game of chance that can be modified to last 5 minutes or 30 minutes - a good activity for moments when you don't know when the doctor is coming in.

Besides the fact that I enjoyed giving Oliver some attention of his own on a day when Bennett gets all of the attention, I realized these moments at the doctor are great one-on-one playtime moments with mom.  I hope to utilize these moments more in the future.  It's a wonder what happens when kids are bored...same things happen to Mommas - they find something useful to do!


  1. Thank you for this post! Please continue to post any great ideas you have...I have been using touch and feel flash cards to keep Molly entertained, but they are getting old :)

  2. oohhh, love the game! Thank you for sharing Breck!

  3. Cute game. You know what I bring in the diaper bag for appointments? A portable DVD player. We don't watch many movies or DVDs in our house so it's a super special treat to remove it and let Chloe watch, even Charlotte pays attention to the music and flashing colors. Our old pediatrician was terrible about leaving us in the waiting room for 45-60 minutes so I began to bring this and I wait until things are getting hairy but it worked well for us.


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