06 December 2010

Eating Cookies and Ice Cream To Save Our Baby

This weekend, the boys and I went about an hour away to go see a huge collection of Christmas lights nearby.  But on our way, we stopped at BJ's restaurant, a restsaurant we have never visited but have wanted to since we heard they were big supporters of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Bennett eats crackers and plays with his car while we wait for our food.

...oh, and he eats a chunk of red crayon as well.

BJ's is a very very good restaurant (we hear they are bringing on to Waco in the next two years).  It is a franchise, whose owner has a child with CF. (Click here to read about how they give back.)

Therefore, a portion of the proceeds from their Pizookie dessert (a fresh baked cookie - white chocolate and macadamia nut or chocolate chip -, with vanilla ice cream, served in a pizza style pan) goes to the CF Foundation. 

So, we ate up the extra calories happily as we knew we were finding a cure with eat bite!

The lights were so awesome!  The boys loved them. (Bennett's carseat is still turned backwards so he didn't quite get the same experience as Oliver.  But he liked it nonetheless.)

Christmas time is such a fun time for family traditions!   Yummy food and Christmas lights = a perfect family date!


  1. Yet ANOTHER Reason why I LOVE Bj's! It's so yummy!

  2. BJ's is definitely one of our favorite places to eat. When we went to get our pumpkin I made sure we left early enough to stop and get lunch at BJ's (and I NEVER leave w/out getting a pizookie so now I'll feel less guilty about it!) :)


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