18 December 2010

Christmas At Cook Children's Hospital

After our appointments on Tuesday, we walked over to the Children's Hospital (which is connected to the doctor's offices) to have lunch before our last appointment.  It was an opportunity for the kids to run around and play...and for Brian and I just to reminisce as it was only one year ago that Bennett was last admitted to the hospital.

We decided to take a family photograph to compare to last year's picture.  These are pictures from the hospital's main lobby.


2009 (The Carney Family had come to visit us during Bennett's surgery.  During this picture, Bennett was in his room as he had just gotten out of surgery.)

It's so fun to see how the boys are growing up.  We love seeing how healthy Bennett looks these days.

Bennett admires the BIG tree in the hospital lobby!

It's amazing how a beautiful Christmas tree and Christmas music in the background can make a not-so-fun place a bit more cheerful.

However, the main reason why this lobby is much more cheerful for us is because Bennett is not stuck in a hospital room! 

A picture of the ceiling of the lobby, which lets in alot of light.

The hospital lobby is reflected in the big red glass ornaments.   It was so fabulous to see the lobby dressed for Christmas this year, like we had last year.  But we are *so* very glad to be only visitors. 


  1. These are great! I'm so glad that you are only visitors there, too :)

  2. It feels kind of redemptive to see pictures of ALL of you by the tree this year.

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous tree! I'm sure it does help to brighten the spirits of the families as they pass that in the lobby.


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