28 December 2010

C.Diff. Diapers and Red Lobster

One of our many adventures in Missouri for Christmas this year started with a much anticipated dinner with the entire family - Nana, Papa, Aunt Blair (Brian's sister who lives out of state), Uncle David (married to Blair) and our little family of four - at Red Lobster.

Brian and I always joke with friends and family who sit down with us to dinner at a restaurant that eating out with us (Brian, myself, a preschooler and a toddler) is always a risk...

There's a fifty percent chance it's going to be a fabulously peaceful dinner where our beautiful children sit down for the entire meal playing quietly at their seats patiently waiting for us to finish our adult conversations.

There's a fifty percent chance it's going to be rough experience where we'll be lucky to make it through the meal without having to leave the restaurant first.  Despite our best efforts, children's behavior cannot always be predicted.

It was always been sort of a joke.
Until this time...

Just as they brought my favorite Red Lobster cheese rolls and Diet Coke to the table, Brian indicated he spelled an odor...from Bennett's behind.

So, I politely excused myself as I gathered up a few things from the diaper bag - a diaper, the changing pad and the wipes.  I'll be back in a few minutes, I thought.

I changed Bennett's diaper in the bathroom.  Whew-ee! It was a bad diaper - a C.Diff. diaper!  Think of the worst smell in the world and that's what comes out of Bennett when he's got C.Diff. in his stool.

Nonetheless, I changed it and was back to the table within ten minutes.

Brian and Oliver returned back to the table shortly after.  Apparently, Oliver, distraught that I left the table (part of his separation anxiety), needed to be shown by Daddy where Mommy had gone with Bennett into the bathroom.

Now, we were all sitting down eating again - the eight of us.  Peace.

...but within a few minutes - enough time for me to watch my meal placed before me at the table - Bennett had pooped again.  Those C.Diff. diapers are the worst!  And sometimes, they are so loose that they just keep coming!

I realized this was just not going to be my night.  That's ok, I thought, at least the rest of the family can enjoy their meal.  

Once again, I retrieved my items - including the stinky baby - and left for the bathroom.

I pulled the cream-colored plastic changing table down from the bathroom wall again, laid Bennett down onto the changing pad again, pulled his little blue shoes and pants off again...

...oh my gosh...oh my gosh...oh my gosh...

It was  Poop.  All around his diaper.  All down his leg.  All inside his pants. 

And what's worst?  Alone in the bathroom, I had left only one more wipe!

I knew I was in big trouble.  How can I get more wipes?  How am I going to put these soiled pants back on this baby and return to the table?  Am I going to have carry my near naked baby covered poop (that smells like something up and died) pass by all these poor unsuspecting people eating their evening meal?

I called out to a little old woman who walked in the bathroom, "Mam, can you please go find someone who works here?  Can you ask them to help me?  Look for anybody in a white button up shirt."

She could see my predicament and found someone quickly.  The poor Red Lobster worker came in so sweetly and listened to my plea: "Can you please go to my table - large one in the second section over there to the right - and ask my mother-in-law or sister-in-law to bring me the diaper bag as soon as possible?"

Within minutes, my mother-in-law rushed through the swinging door like my superhero holding the diaper bag and another case of wipes.

I began my clean up work (with her assistance) while having to explain that dinner for Brian, me and the boys was done.  I had forgotten to bring Bennett extra clothes and his little pants were not salvageable.  We both knew it was too cold to have Bennett return to the table in just a diaper.

I asked if she would inform Brian and have him meet me in the lobby (he and Oliver had to come home with me since Oliver's carseat was in the car too).  Nana (my mother-in-law) indicated she would and would also box up our food and bring it home to us when they were done with their meal.

I finished cleaning up Bennett and took him from the bathroom.  We chose to sit on a bench near the bathroom waiting for Brian to come with Oliver so we could go to the car.

My meal was over before it had even started.  The entire family's meal was ultimately disrupted.  It was very disappointing and I was hungry. 

I could have cried from the stress of the whole thing.

But I didn't.

...because who can cry when this sweet little half-naked thing begins to dance on the bench while waiting with me:

Completely oblivious to how he smelled or who he was inconveniencing, this 15 month old had a new diaper and was ha-ppy!

Life is too short to worry about things you can't control.  This was just part of the beautiful chaos of having children.

Brian came out from the restaurant caring poor Oliver, who was crying throughout the restaurant, distraught that we had to leave early.

It was a meal I didn't eat...but won't soon forget.

(Another thing I won't soon forget is an extra change of clothes! Geesh!!)


  1. Wow - you have such a beautiful attitude - I WOULD have cried. I guess when we became moms we gave up our right to peaceful, uninterrupted meals?? TOTALLY worth it though! Merry belated Christmas friend - hope to give you a hug in 2011!!

  2. Another lesson I have learned is when i pack the extra outfit i put it in a plastic bag (grocery bag). This serves two purposes. I have a bag to put the nasty clothes in, and I it keeps the clean clothes from getting something on them in case of a spill or leak in the diaper bag.
    And rolling with it is far less stressful than getting upset.
    And maybe this is why they don't bother with changing stations in the mens room!

  3. To add slightly to the above comment- I keep an extra outfit in a large gallon ziplock bag- you can then seal off any clothes with poop/pee/throwup/whatever on them!

  4. Oh my goodness, Breck, hilarious!! I would have panicked too and went home to have a large drink! Very well written!


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