30 November 2010

Wow, it's almost December?!

You know you're a CF Mom when, while at the dinner table, you reach for the salt and pepper and, without thinking, you pick up your child's enzymes instead!  Awkward!

It's hard to believe we are days away from entering the last month of 2010.  December has arrived so quickly!  We are already planning out the month and reminding ourselves to do what we can to take it all in strides. 

December can often be overwhelming with the combination of parties, presents, friends, family and traveling.  Sickness can add to the chaos so we are doing everything we can to minimize our risk of stress this month - for any of us, but especially Bennett.

Bennett's health is doing really well these days, though.  It may be a combination of warm weather (it was in the 70's today) and half-hibernation (we've slowed down slightly our outings and interactions with other little kids out of caution - this seems to have worked so far as we've dodged the stomach bug and pneumonia). 

However, the cold temperatures are about to hit the Lone Star State and it's nearly inevitable that we will not be able to keep the colds and virus' back completely.  In fact, both Brian and I have had a cold in the past month.  Thankfully, Bennett-bear has yet to catch anything! 

We realize that we don't live in a bubble, so we are somewhat prepared to host whatever little bacteria/virus' want to enter themselves into our bodies this winter season.  But, we're working hard to limit our activities and stress so that we can sit back and enjoy the holidays, rather than receive whiplash while watching it pass by!

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  1. What is that Solvay device? Does it open the pills for you?


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