19 November 2010

Video: Bennett's Favorite Book

Recently, Bennett found a basket of books in his room.  One of the books (most likely the easiest for him to pull out, because it is softback) is a book called, "Too Loud Lilly."  Bennett loves this book and always wants us to "read" it.  We end up having to paraphrase the book because it's technically too long for which any 13 month old would want to pay attention.

Yesterday, while "reading" him the book, we began to see so much personality come out in him.  So, we grabbed the camera to document.  The video shows us "reading" (aka making it up) the book three times.  But each time he seems to get more excited.  We love how he decides to take off at the end.


  1. I love the head nods like he is totally comprehending everything you are saying :) And the walking at the end, added bonus!

  2. It's wonderful to see Bennett doing so well. He's a "beautiful" child! And you, my dear, are a FABULOUS mom! Blessings, Linda DuBose

  3. I LOVE this video!! I love Bennetts grin and how he follows along with you, such a smart little boy!

  4. That is too precious!! He loves it!! That is pure joy on that sweet face - thanks for sharing! (I think he's a genius!)



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