15 November 2010

This One's For The Therapists

This post is especially for Bennett's therapists.  Despite our greatest hesitation, we finally gave in and let Bennett get completely messy...on purpose.  Bennett's therapists have encouraged us to allow Bennett to play in "squishy" foods such as whip cream, applesauce or pudding.  The hope was that Bennett would enjoy eating foods he typically doesn't like to touch: "gooey" foods.  (Obviously, he got over his issues tonight.)

Consider this therapy:


Of course, pudding time was promptly greeted by a bath afterwards.  You can guess what color the water turned.


  1. i LOVE this so much. it lifted my spirits today to see such a joyful smile :)

  2. Love this post! Bennett looks so good! We pray that he continues to make progress with food.


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