16 November 2010

Results from our CF Yearly Appointment

We received the bloodwork and culture results from Bennett's CF Yearly Appointment.  This appointment is a sort of "baseline" appointment which allows the doctors to compare his disease year to year.

We are so excited that Bennett showed no concerns on his throat culture.  EVERY clean culture is a reason to celebrate as we know there will be one day when Bennett cultures a bacteria in his lungs and we begin a new regime of time-consuming medications.  My secret hope and prayer is that we will get to at least three years old without culturing a bacteria.  But, odds are he will likely culture something sooner.  We will thank God for every sign of health, though.

Bennett's bloodwork came back fairly positive.  The only major concern, which is easily fixable, is that Bennett is too low in Vitamin D.  So we've been instructed to supplement with Enfamil D-vi-sol drops, along with Bennett's AquaDEKS vitamin medication he gets every day.

Apparently vitamin deficiency is a big deal for CFers.  Bennett has been on a vitamin supplement since birth.  But I guess I didn't really understand why vitamins were all that important in the scheme of things.  (Oliver's pediatrican has mentioned vitamins at times but never with real concern that he wasn't getting enough.  And I could certainly eat better and take in more vitamins, but have never worried that vitamin deficiency in myself would be an issue.)  However, I have recently learned that CF severely blocks vitamins to the body so much so that not having them can be very serious.  So, we have added a new vitamin to his daily list of medications! 

Hooray for blessings from this appointment!  No serious issues and no need for antibiotics!

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  1. Ben is also on an additional Vitamin D supplement especially during the winter months. But our dietician was saying that nearly everyone is deficient in Vitamin D.


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