08 November 2010

Physical Therapy Update

We have been very happy with Bennett's intense therapy so far, especially his speech and occupational therapy.

However, we decided a week or so ago that we would slow down Bennett's physical therapy.  It was becoming too much to have so many therapy sessions and Bennett wasn't connecting well with his physical therapist (aka screaming when she came near and quite definitely working less for her than he does for us at home when she isn't around).

So, as of the beginning of November, Bennett's physical therapy was changed from twice-a-week therapy sessions to a once-a-month evaluation, especially since he is doing so well.  Bennett now spontaneously stands up on his own (for up to 30 seconds) and should take his firsts steps soon.

The physical therapist's recent evaluation showed that Bennett's motor skill development is normal for an 11-month old, just two months behind his age.  She feels confident that if we continue to work with him, he will catch up on his own.  We are also considering putting he and Oliver in some type of gymnastics class to continue developing his gross motor skills - and for pure fun! :)

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  1. Do you have Gymboree or Gymrompers there? We did some of the classes at Gymboree and they dance, roll balls back and forth, and do little activities that he would probably love and that would help with coordination/muscle building all while singing and playing.


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