11 November 2010

Cystic Fibrosis Wish List

It's funny how having a family member with a lifelong disease can affect you over time.  I am not naturally fond of science (although Brian loves it).  But every time I see a book about, a poster about or a model of the human body, I now stop and study it carefully.  The body has become incredibly more interesting to me since I have witnessed what happens when body systems "go wrong."

I have debated on purchasing many of the books, posters and models I have come across.  I'm always evaluating whether or not the human body book, poster or model I've found might be helpful one day for explaining Cystic Fibrosis to the boys, their childhood friends or our adult friends...sometimes even to ourselves.

Because I've come across many great resources, I've decided to create myself a CF Wishlist.  Here's my first future purchase:

It's a Human Model cloth apron from Lakeshore Learning.  It's not only perfect for teaching preschoolers about the body, but it's perfect for teaching anybody about how CF affects the human organs.

I forsee using the apron for family discussions about why Bennett is sick and how the medications he is taking helps his organs stay strong.  We are always looking for easy teachable ways to teach ourselves and others about this disease.  This is just one of the things we think will help us do that more easily.  It's pretty cute, huh?


  1. That was great. I want one too! :) Where did you find this?

  2. Hey, just wanted to respond to you about the vest. I have not figured anything out about the hoses but I have not had a problem with them detaching yet. Do you take the hoses off after every treatment? I leave them attached to the garment always and just put the vest away.

  3. That is so cool!! Can you post a link on where you found it? It would be great for when Ben's older.


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