28 October 2010

Yearly CF Appointment - 2010

Our appointment went great today.  Bennett weighs 21lbs, 3oz and is in the 21st percentile.  The CF doctor is happy that he's "riding his growth curve."  According to Dr. Dambro, Bennett's chest x-ray "looks the same as last year" (a.k.a. no changes/no new progression of lung disease).  Bennett's blood work showed no problems.  We will hear the results of his throat culture in a week.  There are no new changes to his enzymes so we're going to just keep on keeping on.  No changes=Happy parents!!

When we go to the CF Clinic, our appointment usually takes about two hours since have 5 different people we meet with (doctor, nurse, social worker, dietician, respiratory therapist).  This was our corner of the room today.

My "work desk:" my notebook to keep notes, a book to keep me busy, my cellphone for human contact, Bennett's applesauce and wipes.

My list of things to talk to Dr. Dambro about.

 Bennett is such a trooper.  These days are long and even more difficult when you can't take a nap.  Today was made worse as Bennett was poked for blood three times (the maximum times allowed by the clinic) and held down for an x-ray and throat culture.

Thankfully, he perked up once he got something in his tummy.  A stroller is an amazing contraption during these appointments.  I consider it a suitcase (since he carries all of our stuff), highchair and playpen all in one!

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