25 October 2010

Update on Bennett

Bennett has an appointment with his CF Clinic in Fort Worth later this week. We will also be meeting with his Pediatric Surgeon to make sure all is well with his g-tube.

Here are a few things we are anxious about (therefore, these could be made into prayer requests) regarding our appointment:

1.) Bennett's weight. Studies show that children who stay in the 50% percentile for weight do better with their overall CF health. So, we are obviously hoping that Bennett's weight is near 50% at our appointment. 

2.) We will be discussing with the doctor and dietician ways to begin incorporating more food in Bennett's diet.  It is the very very beginning of the weaning process.  We hope to get a grasp on how to help him get as many calories as needed but also begin to eat more on his own.  We will be learning more about how to dole out enzymes based on the food's fat content.  It should be interesting.

3.) Once a year, the CF team does a battery of tests (bloodwork, throat culture, chest x-ray, etc.) to document how a patient is doing.  The results of the tests are compared yearly to monitor how CF is progressing.  Bennett should be going through these tests this week.  So, we are hoping he will get a good report.

On the topic of prayer requests, we'd like to offer another family who could use prayer.  We don't know this family personally (although they live in Waco).  They are friends of a friend and we have kept up with them through their blog "Keeping Up With the Parker Family" @  This sweet family has a little girl named Leah, who is Oliver's age and who is on the transplant list to get a new heart.  We certainly know what it's like to watch your child suffer so our hearts are with them as they go through this process.

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