20 October 2010

Spring 2010 Pictures...Finally

These pictures were taken by a local Waco photographer in April earlier this year.  Bennett is about 7 months old in these pictures.

(It's taken this long to get the digital copies of the pictures because we wanted to purchase all of them - how could we pick just one?! - and because we paid for them by taking CF surveys.  Yep, apparently there are several pharmaceutical companies that pay for feedback from CFers and their caregivers about their feelings and usage of certain CF medications.  One pharmaceutical company actually pays $50 per survey taken and $50 if for referrals.  It's taken a few surveys and few referrals but we finally earned enough money to purchase all the pictures!  Finally, it pays to have CF!)

We love Bennett's blue eyes in this picture!   It's funny to see how fat he looks!

Bennett's little gtube is poking out of his shirt.  It's funny to see such a big gtube on a little baby.  These days it's hard to tell through his shirt that he even has it.

Daddy kisses.  This is so like Bennett.  He is so passive, he just sits there and lets you kiss on him.

Kissable lips.

Momma delights in Bennett.

Big brother.

Daddy delights in Oliver.

Telling secrets and laughing. 

Playing games with Daddy.

Oliver smiles.

Long toes.

Momma's sweet boys.

A beautiful chaos.

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  1. These pictures are amazing! I love the photos of Oliver on Brian's back! It's amazing how much little B has grown in just a few months!


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