06 October 2010


Salmonella?  Yes.  Salmonella.

We just received Bennett's stool results from last week.  Apparently, not only did Bennett culture C. Diff. but he also cultured salmonella.  We have no idea how he got it.  He doesn't even meat or eggs, much less raw meat or eggs.  The doctors feel like now that he's improving, there is no reason to treat for Salmonella (especially because he is already being treated for C. Diff.).  But no wonder that poor child has been hurting!!

Thankfully, Bennett is doing *much* better today.  In fact, today was one of the best days he's had in about two weeks!  We were worried that something else might be going on - maybe an ear infection?  But today we saw Bennett's best side - his laughter, his smiles and overall happy disposition.

Bennett had his one year check up yesterday.  He weighs 20 pounds, 2 ounces.  We hope he will soon make up for the weight he lost during his second bout with C.Diff. (and apparently, salmonella).  Bennett's vaccinations were delayed and will be given to him on Monday when we arrive to do another C. Diff. test. 

We have an appointment with the CF doctor, GI doctor and Pediatric Surgeon later this month.  We are praying he continues to improve and those appointments will be positive.

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  1. Crazy! Poor little guy! Hope he is feeling better here soon!


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