13 October 2010

Private or Public

We had no idea this would happen.  We have been overwhelmed by the number of people who have asked to continue reading Bennett's blog.  In fact, we may have come to an impasse.

We learned after making the blog private that (the website that hosts Bennett's blog) allows no more than 100 private users to view a private blog.  We could not have fathomed we would hit that within a week of making the blog private. 

It has been an arduous decision - do we keep Bennett's blog private or make it public again?  On the one hand, we feel it is most responsible for us to protect our children from the dangers of the internet.  On the other hand, we hate to prevent legitimate people who have prayed and cared for Bennett from being able to continue to follow our journey because we've reached our 100 user max.

We have done a lot of research.  There is no option on for increasing the number of people to read the private blog to more than 100 users.  We have considered changing the blog to another service, even one where we can pay for an unlimited number of private users if necessary.  However, at this point, we aren't convinced which option is best.

So, until we can make a final decision on the best option for balancing security with openness, we have decided to open up the blog once again.  In the interim, we are going to make small changes to keep the blog from being found on the internet so easily.  We are also going to be more careful about putting up pictures of the kids.  But we have no plans to stop completely.

We appreciate patience as we navigate the internet/blog frontier of parenting.  We are so touched that so many people even care, much less want to keep reading.  For now, we'll just go back to the way it was - and trust we'll figure out the balance of all of this soon. 


  1. Yay!~ I can see y'all again! :) Thanks!

  2. Isn't it amazing to realize how many folks love & pray for little Bennett & your family?!?!? :)

  3. Maybe you should put the pictures on Facebook or Flickr, where there are more privacy control features. You could do the blog entries as notes in Facebook too. If you don't mind paying to host it yourself, I could put together a password protected blog for you, and you could share the password with whoever you want. Just some options for you.

  4. I'm so excited! I read where you were going privant, but hadn't emailed you yet and was so excited to see your blog is back again! I go to your blog and pray for Bennett and your family most every day! You guys do a great job with this blog and such sweet photos! Thank you! Love you! Miss Susan (Watkins)


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