19 October 2010

More Salmonella, but not from Bennett

We just got our family C.Diff. and Stool Specimen results back from the Pediatrician's office.  Looks like we are all clear on C.Diff.!  Hooray!

In fact, Bennett's results looked great.  It was Oliver who has Salmonella this time. 

Fortunately, the doctor explained that Salmonella is a common bacteria and does necessarily have to come from raw eggs and raw meat.  The bacteria can be anywhere at any time.  And Salmonella has many different strains.  In fact, it's very likely that Bennett gave it to Oliver through their play contact. 

Since Oliver isn't showing any symptoms, there is no treatment necessary. 

We have an appointment with the CF doctor, the pediatric surgeon and the GI doctor next week.   We expect good appointments since Bennett is doing so well these days. 

Every single smile on Bennett's face is truly a blessing to us as this boy has been feeling badly most of his life.  However, with C.Diff. taken care of once again, we are seeing smiles, laughter and overall happiness come from him once again.  It's truly delightful!!

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