09 October 2010

A Match Made In Heaven

Well, the first visit didn't go well.  But apparently, Cheeto and Bennett have become good friends within the last month.  In fact, as evidenced by today's lunch, it might just be a match made in heaven:

Bennett was as happy as a clam to sit in his stroller and eat Cheetos while at the Pumpkin Patch with our family on Saturday.

Oh Cheeto face, how I love you.
Finger-licking good! 

He went through like 4 of these things!  He loved them and chomped on them with his 8 little front teeth.

Mom to Bennett: "No, baby, I don't want to touch you, actually."

Before you think we're nuts for giving our baby Cheetos, there are a few things you should know:

1.) He's EATING!!!  At this point, we'll give him anything to eat, if he'll eat it!

2.) We had no idea he even liked Cheetos until we were eating them one day and he reached out for one.  So, how could we resist those big blue eyes longing for a Cheeto?

3.) Those with Cystic Fibrosis need a high-fat diet (since their bodies do not effectively absorb fat) so any fattening food for a CFer is a good - and believe it or not - a healthy thing for Bennett!

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