28 October 2010

G-tube Spill Prevention...Finally!!

Finally, I think we've figured out how to keep Bennett from being soaked by his gastric tubing at night.  This post is probably more technical and for those folks who find g-tube talk interesting (usually those are the ones who have a kid with a g-tube).

Bennett takes the equivalent of three 8.5oz bottles through his feeding tube over the course of 12 hours each night.  However, every few nights Bennett's tubing seems to come apart (which covers him with formula!). 

We have been using a little plastic piece called the AMT clamp which has done a nice job holding the end of the feeding bag (red) with the Mic-key extension (the purplish piece with the extra valve which connects Bennett's feeding bag into his belly) together at night.

However, as wonderful as the AMT clamp is, it has not done very well in way of preventing the Mic-key extension valve from accidentally opening up and allowing formula to go everywhere.  

In fact, we used to think using the AMT clamp would prevent the clamp from opening (see how the AMT clamp covers the valve in the picture above).  But after nights of continuing to find Bennett swimming in formula, we realized our only option was to tape it the valve.  Unfortunately, though, tape leaves a sticky residue which made covering the value not worth it.  (The Mic-Key extension, which has the valve, has to be used four times a day for 7 days.  Therefore, that's alot of time for stickiness of tape to build up and become very annoying.)

We were pretty much at a loss as to what to do until a few months ago when we watched the show Pitchmen on the Discovery Channel.  In one episode, they talked about a new product on the market called, "Mighty Fixit."  Mighty Fixit is a sort of water-proof plastic tape-like product that sticks to itself but does not leave a sticky residue.  We are not ones to buy "As Seen On TV" products but after searching high and low (aka Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, etc.) to find something similar to Mighty Fixit and coming up with nothing, we decided to order this stuff last week.

We have been very happy with it!  It's fairly inexpensive ($10 for three rolls) and works like this.  We just roll out a small section out and cut it.  Then, we stretch it over the tube (including the small valve) and roll the tape onto itself.

Within minutes, the tape starts sticking to itself and holds in place.  As matter of fact, the only way to remove the plastic tape is to cut through it.  But we love that!  The tape is waterproof so if there is a spill, it won't ruin.  It's not sticky so we can continue to use the Mic-Key extension (which we have to use for 7 full days before throwing away).  It's super easy to use and works perfectly!

We have tried to use the Mighty Fixit to hold the two tubes in place (in lieu of the AMT clamp).  However, we have found that while it works like tape, it doesn't seem to be strong enough to prevent the two large tubes from detaching.  We recommend using Mighty Fixit and the AMT clamp together.  We feel we have finally found a way to keep Bennett clean and dry all night!  For a momma and daddy who are tired of having to change their wet formula-soaked baby in the middle of the night, we couldn't be more tickled over this "As Seen On TV" product!  And we're sure that if Bennett could talk, he'd say the same thing!!


  1. You should write the manufacturer and let them know about this! Maybe you can get a few free crates worth!

  2. OMG, that is brilliant! I have been looking for a solution to this for 2 years. :)


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