17 October 2010

Bennett's First Haircut

A few days ago, we decided to get Bennett's hair cut. We had already tried to trim his "mullet" but the little curls by his ears were confusing strangers over whether or not he was a boy or a girl. So, we decided that by his first birthday, it was time to get a big boy hair cut.

Big Brother went first to show Bennett how it's done.  Oliver has thick wavy hair so he gets haircuts often.

He's become a pro at haircuts and was complimented today for being more still than most kids!

Little brother patiently waits for his turn.

Mumsy, Breck's mom, entertains him while he waits.

"This little piggy went to market...this little piggy stayed at home..."

Bennett loves his toes tickled.

Sweet times with Mumsy don't last long...

Soon, it's Bennett's time for a haircut.  We didn't even get a "before" picture because as soon as we put Bennett in the chair (actually a ride-able hotwheel car turned into a chair), he completely lost it.

 And we mean lost it!


Little mohawk.  (See Bennett's newborn mohawk taken exactly one year ago:

Bennett wouldn't sit down so he just stood there and hung on for dear life.

It's the ugly cry.

Trying to calm him down.

 Momma wonders if he'll handle it better in her arms.

Forget it.  He didn't like it any better. 

Mumsy tries to comfort Bennett.  Oliver finds the whole thing rather boring.

Finally, relief from the torture!!

All done!

Interested in the toy.

A little boy haircut.
 Before Bennett's first haircut. (9.30.10)

 After Bennett's first haircut. (10.16.10)

Happy again in Momma's Arms...and looking so grown up!


  1. Fabulous hairdos on the boys :-) Someday mine will have enough for a haircut, right? LOL

  2. Was that at Smartie Pants? I took Caden there for his last cut and he screamed also!! :) I like it there though, because the lady is so patient.


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