06 September 2010


A few days ago, Bennett began vomiting again.  We didn't think much of it until Friday when we became aware that he was now throwing up after almost every feed.  It wasn't too long ago that we were dealing with this vomiting issue...and yet, he has been "throw-up free" for a good while now.  So, it was really disappointing to see him struggle again.

Thankfully we saw no gastrointestinal issues along with the vomiting.  So, we didn't suspect any bowel blockage (something we always want to consider when Bennett begins vomiting). 

In addition to new vomiting issues, we noticed yesterday that Bennett had a fever of 102.  He seemed so miserable so we put him on tylenol to help him relax.  However, by 8pm last night we were ready for a visit to the ER over concerns the tylenol wasn't keeping him comfortable and fear he might have an ear infection.

However, thankfully, the doctor on call was hugely helpful.  She actually put together our two big symptoms (fever and vomiting) and wondered if maybe he was dealing with some type of stomach virus. 

The on-call doctor suggested we stop giving him formula and put him on Pedialyte instead.  She said we could keep him on Pedialyte up to two days before putting him back on milk. 

So, we did this and within hours of an empty stomach (besides the Pedialyte), Bennett seemed finally able to calm down and rest.  Although he still seemed to feel miserable with the fever, we were happy he was at least able to fall asleep. 

It's taken about 36 hours but Bennett is just now starting to come around again - starting to want to play and even laugh.  We will put him on the feeding pump tonight and see if he can handle his feeds better.  Hopefully this little virus is on its way out of the house.

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