15 September 2010


Bennett visits our neighbors' dog while they are on vacation.  It was his first time to really "see" a dog and he loved it!  He really enjoyed seeing the dog move and make noises.   He giggled in delight.

Bennett is just doing so well right now!  Some of the things he does these days includes clapping, imitating sounds/words, dancing (we are still trying to catch this on video), destroying his brother's train track set-up, throwing balls and chewing on hard plastic objects.  It's all perfectly normal twelve-month old behavior and we love watching him do it!

He is slowly moving from three naps per day down to two.  He is beginning to understand what we are saying and begins to respond to our questions with a giggle (for yes) or a head-shake (for no).

He is loving the attention he's getting from his 6-sessions per week therapist and is showing huge strides during that time.  He is beginning to cruise around the furniture and has decided he does, in fact, like yogurt and peanut butter.  We are still giving him only teaspoons of it at a time to allow him to explore, but it's much better than the nothing-but-applesauce routine we had going on a month ago.

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