07 September 2010

Trying New Foods

Bennett has surprised us recently.  Bennett has, at times, shown some interest in food while sitting in his highchair during family meal time.  Recently he tried to snack on a saltine cracker while out at a restaurant and has been willing to entertain a piece of bread we were enjoying at home.  So, we've decided to offer him the opportunity to enjoy a food of his own.

A few days ago, we brought out two toddler snacks that easily melt in the mouth.  We felt Bennett might both enjoy them or at least be interested to touch and play with them.

He did find the "baby cheeto" thing kinda interesting.

He looked at it and touched it. 

He thought, "yeah, you and me 'baby cheeto' might could be friends."

But he was wary.  He wasn't totally confident in this new relationship. 

Maybe he would enjoy it.  Maybe he would not.

He finally decided to try it.  Just a taste...
It didn't go over too well.

As matter of fact, Bennett began gagging and coughing.

It wasn't a pretty sight.

So, he took the 'baby cheeto' and tried to rid the evidence.  He offered the throw-it-over-the-back-of-your-shoulder-and-forget-about-it sort of trick.

Too bad wet cheetos stick to your hand.  Bummer.

Oh well, maybe next time we try introducing a food, we'll offer it to him when he isn't nauseated and suffering from the stomach bug.  We didn't realize that's what he was dealing with at the time.  But now that we know that, we can see why eating cheetos might not be very appetizing for anybody.


  1. hee hee.. gave me a good laugh with this read. Fantastik, he sounds just like Sara trying new foods. *LAUGH*

  2. That's cute. Keep trying though...Madeline was the same way for a long while on pediasure. Until recently, we spent 6 months offereing more and more foods with NO LUCK until Finally now she is eating a variety of stuff. Don't give up! He is adorable! Love those chubby cheeks!

  3. Those baby cheetos where the first food I thought Molly might not like. She was hiding them beside her in the seat. She finally gave in when I broke them up. Here's to hoping B comes around soon (although I don't blame him, they are pretty disgusting ;)


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