02 September 2010


Bennett continues to thrive.  We haven't had any vomiting or pain issues in quite a while.  It's fabulous!  Now days, we have turned our focus to keeping Bennett well and balancing Bennett's therapies/doctor appointments/medications with his need to just be a baby.

Bennett is a *wonderful* sleeper.  He sleeps like clockwork and sleeps hard.  He's down at 8pm and doesn't arose until 8am.  He sleeps from 10am-noon and then again from 2pm-4pm (sometimes longer).  If he doesn't get to his naps on time (because we are out and about in the morning at times), he will happily sleep from noon until 5pm straight.

His sleeping needs, in addition to his twice daily 20-minute vest treatments and three 1-hour feedings, makes for very little time for an eleven month old to just play!  In fact, if everything is done on time, Bennett has no more than about 3-4 hours a day to play...which (as long as that time doesn't include car rides, trips to the grocery or errands) should be adequate ...

...unless you consider the 6 thirty-minute weekly therapy appointments (speech, occupational and physical therapy) that he has recently qualified for, as we have switched to a more hands-on approach to therapy.

We wanted therapy, if Bennett needed it.  But now we are having to consider that that therapy could actually take away from the best therapy of all: free time. 

So, at this point, we are planning to keep Bennett's speech therapy to address his eating issues.  But we are tentatively planning to cancel his physical and occupational therapy.  We're afraid it's just too much for him to do.

We believe he is doing very well and does not necessarily need that much intervention anyway.  He's crawling like a madman, cruising around the furniture and having no trouble grabbing things and exploring new interests.

We will be talks with his therapists in the next week over the best way to address this issue: time vs. need for therapy.  But as we have been reminded before, we are Bennett's greatest advocates.  And while we do not have education in a specific therapy, we do know our son the best. 

So, we will fight to keep our boy having playtime on the floor - even if that means therapy has to wait.  Sometimes, the best intervention for a child who is showing minor delays is just to wait it out and give him a chance to catch up on his own.

We shall see!


  1. His activity on the floor playing IS therapy and sure can be even better than the therapy any physio can give. Sara has her physio therapy at home and 3 times a week her physio therapist comes to our house. We are lucky to not having to travel down town for physio. I'm happy to read his vomiting is getting less. Sara is still struggling with her eating, I have no idea when she will start on solids without vomiting? We try every day at every meal, but almost always end up with just giving her the tube milk :S

  2. 8-8 you are so lucky! And a 5-hour nap!! Wow!!


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