10 September 2010

Therapy Sessions

Speech therapy and Occupational therapy with Bennett is going really well.  Bennett's new therapists are doing a fabulous job offering him some new experiences.  Earlier this week Bennett ate one Cheerio (we all cheered) and today Bennett seemed to really enjoy the yogurt they put in his blue chewy tube.

Bennett imitates the occupational therapist as she waves her hands.  Since we are trying out the whole six-therapy-sessions-a-week thing to see how it works, the occupational and speech therapists are coming at the same time but focusing on different facets of Bennett's feeding issues. 

Little man got offered those baby cheeto things again today.  The therapists didn't realize he had already made it clear he didn't want them.  It was no surprise that despite the therapists' coaxing, he refused them. 
Bennett has begun initiating "peek-a-boo."  It cracked us all up when the speech therapist gave Bennett a little hand mirror and he instantly began playing "peek-a-boo" with the occupational therapist.

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