05 September 2010

Spaceman Bennett

We might have everything we need for a cheap Halloween costume for Bennett this year.  Poor guy looks like a spaceman with all of his CF treatment get-ups.

While Bennett must wear his percussion vest twice daily for treatment, at this point in his progressive disease, we don't have to put him on his nebulizer unless he is showing trouble breathing.  Since he has recently sounded more congested, we've decided to give him a breathing treatment and percussion treatment at the same time.  The nebulizer (which provides Allbuterol to his lungs) will hopefully help him breathe until his congestion clears up.

While Bennett is AMAZING during his treatments (usually very doscile and patient), he does get irritated (particularly by the mask).  So, most of his treatment time is spent singing songs.  (Bennett is quite easily charmed by singing.)  We have to remember that while treatment time can feel frustrating as its time-consuming and it takes from our day, it can also be great one-on-one time with Bennett to enrich him through reading and singing. (Although, we've heard that as CF kids get older, TV does the trick too. :))


  1. I think you guys are awesome for reading to him or singing with Bennett instead of watching tv. I wish I did more of that!! I jumped to tv too fast and now I don't think there's any going back. Your family is very inspiring, thank you!

  2. We jumped to tv too soon as well! Have you asked his doctor about switching to an albuterol inhaler? We have used it along with an aerochamber plus mask to give my son nick his albuterol since he was 3 months old. It only takes a couple of minutes and my son loves using it! We give it 30 minutes prior to his vest so that his lungs are open once he starts the vest so hopefully he can cough out the mucus. It was a huge timesaver for our family and less neb equipment to sterilize :) you are doing a great job, i found your blog yesterday and wish the best for son and your family!


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