27 September 2010

Sick Boy

We visited the doctor on Sunday.  It was good to be reassured that Bennett was looking good, even though he felt horrible.  The doctor (the second doctor we visited in 4 days) agreed that Bennett's symptoms were consistent with the stomach bug but we took in a stool sample to be sure its not something else.  Of course, time will tell, as well.

Bennett's rectal prolapse has returned but is most probably being caused by diaherra.  He is handling more of his feeds but still vomiting.  We expect that once this illness runs its course, all symptoms will subside.

Below are pictures of Bennett and Dad hanging out on this weekend: 




  1. breck, you guys are such troopers. he looks sweet even when he is sick. Happy birthday little man!
    mary mac

  2. So sorry to hear Bennett's had the stomach bug! That's so hard on babies! Hope the rest of you don't get it. Love, Ms. Ann

  3. looking at these photos i was suddenly struck with just how big he is getting! he's turning into a little boy! when did this happen?!


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