22 September 2010

Making the Best Out Of It

As we are approaching almost a year of life with Cystic Fibrosis, we have begun looking at ways we can better fit Bennett's health needs into our life.  You might say it's a sort of "make-lemonade"-or-"find-the-silver-lining"-in-the-situation effort to make the best out of our situation! 

So recently, we realized that if we were going to have to go to the doctor so often, we ought to blend our out of town trips with seeing friends we don't often get to see.  On Monday, before Bennett's appointment, we met up with Breck's childhood friend Carrie at a little cafe nearby for lunch. Carrie graciously came with us to Bennett's appointment (both for company and to help with Bennett).  We actually forgot to get a picture of Carrie to post but having her company was SO much fun and much appreciated!!  It certainly made a mundane doctor's appointment much more enjoyable!

Here's a picture of Bennett at his feeding clinic evaluation earlier this week.  Bennett really liked playing with this little pig toy.  It played a song in Spanish which Bennett enjoyed. :)  Breck's favorite "toy" in the room was this itty-bitty chair.  It was the perfect size for Bennett and is typically used for therapy.

After Bennett's appointment and before we returned to Waco, we met Aunt Brooklyn for a cupcake and soda.  Bennett *loved* standing up in the booth while we chatted.  It was a nice break before the two hour ride home, in which Bennett fell asleep.

A thank you (and another missing picture) goes out to our friend, Lindsay, who watched Oliver all day while we were in Dallas.  She made it so that we didn't have to drag Oliver around with us all day long.  We are so thankful to friends and family who make dealing with Cystic Fibrosis just a tad bit easier.

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