22 September 2010

Learning to Drink

As mentioned in the previous post, Bennett really is getting very close to being able to eat and drink one ounce (the minimum requirement to begin the Baylor Feeding Clinic program). Here's what happened on Tuesday:

During snack time with Oliver, Bennett tried a few cheerios and a graham cracker.  We were just delighted to see him interested in food.  So, we offered him a cup of water.  It took a while but eventually he began to show interest in it too. 

Ah, refreshing!

This isn't that great of a picture but it shows how much water isn't making his mouth!  Half of it is running down his chest. (Notice the cheerio stuck on his tummy.)

The "double hand" effort.

The "one hand + one arm" effort.

Turning it upside down...

...watching the water run out.

Very interested in the now-soaking cheerio.

Giggling at mom's excitement of her big boy's use of a cup!  Good boy!

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