25 September 2010


We took a late afternoon trip down to the Pediatrician's office yesterday.  The Pediatrician (filling for our regular Ped who is out for the next 6 weeks) believes that Bennett is either suffering from C. Diff. or more likely gastroenteritis (just facing name for the stomach bug).

We placed Bennett on clear fluids last night and he has done well.  He continues to have low grade fever but hopefully tylenol will help.

We will bring a stool sample on Monday to have tested for C. Diff. just in case.  But for now, we're hoping its a virus that will disappear in a few days.


  1. Oh My! We dealt with Cdiff for over 6 was the worst. I pray that's not the case for Bennett!! Hoping he feels better soon!

  2. Yes we did. It would go away- as long as she was on meds and then the day she would finish them her symtoms returned. Apparently it's very hard to get rid of..but we finally did. It was only after the Dr's didn't want to keep her on harsh meds any longer and we took a natural approach to getting rid of it. A diet of mostly yogurt and rx probiotics (Lactobacillus) in everything. She still gets those prescribed and I put them in all her yougurt. I also limited her fat and dairy consumtion (i know sucks for CF and weight gain) but it worked...helped her GI tract to calm down and heal....Hope this helps! Good Luck Monday!


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