13 September 2010

CF Clinic Visit

Today was Bennett's visit to his CF Clinic.  It was a great visit because we had brought no concerns and we expected Bennett's weight to be on target!  Bennett now weighs 20.5 pounds which puts him at 26 percentile!  And as expected, Bennett's lungs sounded clear, his oxygen saturation rate was 100% and overall health was deemed good!

Bennett is being moved up on his volume of formula.  He now needs 51 ounces of formula per day, up form 48 ounces.  So, we will increase his daily volume as well as the amount of enzymes he needs.

Before we left his CF doctor appointment, the CF doctor asked us to return next month.  Experts recommend that CF patients follow up with their doctor once a month until the age of 12 months.  So, Breck was curious why she wanted us to return next month since Bennett is turning 1 year old in two weeks. When Breck reminded the doctor that Bennett was almost a year, Dr. Dambro's eyes grew big and she exclaimed, "Oh my gosh!  Has it been one year already?"  Breck grinned and replied, "Yes, I know!"  It is really hard to believe we've had a relationship with the CF clinic for so long - and hard to believe Bennett is already hitting his one year birthday milestone.

After a good surprise and realization that Bennett is, in fact, almost a year old, Dr. Dambro said she felt it would be good to continue to monitor him closely through the winter after which point we will begin to see her on a quarterly basis.  We felt this was a wise idea and look forward to Bennett thriving.


  1. Hey girl! For some reason, I can't find your e-mail address (I know I used to have it) You are correct, I am not on facebook (will explain later) If you don't mind, e-mail me when you get a chance ( and I'll give you all my info. :)

  2. So happy to hear his clinic went great! It's always nice when you go and you do not have any serious concerns! I can't believe our little guys are almost ONE year! Much love.

  3. Congrats on a good clinic visit!! Those are the best days!

  4. Hooray!! And happy almost birthday to Bennett!


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