30 September 2010

Breck's Thoughts: Tears of Joy...and I just had breakfast.

We're only a few hours into our day and I'm already tearing up. 

We greeting a normal Thursday with joy over knowing hope of better health exists in a bottle of antibiotics.  The past few days had been really bad for us. There is nothing like having hope.

Then, one of our sweet speech therapists (who comes every Tuesday and Thursday) came bearing a gift she paid for out of her pocket for a child she hardly knows but already loves.

The comments on the blog and calls from family and friends are very touching as there is genuine excitement over Bennett having made it to his first birthday.

I'm in a place of both grief and thankfulness as I recount this day one year ago and what our little guy has been through.

And this morning, our good friends who are busy with their move to Costa Rica (see the planes in the background, they are actually moving today!) decided to wear Bennett's shirt in honor of today.

Such sweet goodness is already overwhelming me.

Thank you.  God is good.

P.S. Bennett is feeling at about 60% today, preferring to be held or sleeping.  But we know he should feel better within 24-48 hours...just in time for his celebration this weekend.


  1. I'm crying with you! Happy Birthday, Mr. Bennett! We love you and we are so proud of you! You are such a special little boy!


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