26 September 2010

Another visit to the doctor today.

Bennett saw the doctor on Friday and we'll be returning today for their after-hours clinic today.  He's not worse, just not better.  He still has fever and still not handling his feeds.  The main concern from the doctors are whether or not he's dehydrated.  Since we have the g-tube and can feed him pedialyte through that, he's doing fine.  We're just anxious to get our boy better...especially in time for his birthday later this week!


  1. I noticed you weren't at UBC today and I said a little prayer for Bennett. Hope he is on the mend in no time!

  2. Praying for Bennett and the rest of the family right now. Love to you...Kim Bleyer

  3. Ugh. Poor Bennett, he just can't catch a break! Hope it's nothing too serious and he feels better soon!


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