29 September 2010

The Almost Best Birthday Present!

{Edit: Breck just spoke with the Nurse Coordinator at Bennett's CF Clinic to let her know about his test results.  We know C. Diff. is common for CFers because we have met quite a few CF moms online.  However, when Breck asked the Nurse Coordinator whether or not they see many CFers at their linic with C.Diff., she replied, "No.  It's just another way Bennett is special."  Yep, we think so too. :)}

The Almost Best Birthday Present?....

...finding out why Bennett is so sick!

As we expected the minute we started seeing symptoms last Friday, Bennett DOES have C. Diff. (Clostridium Difficile).

That means, the bacterial infection that Bennett was treated for about 6 weeks ago has returned.  C. Diff. is a pretty nasty infection that causes flu-like symptoms.  However, if left untreated can be very serious, even fatal.

So, we are very happy to hear Bennett's symptoms are not a virus.  He has been really sick but should feel much better within a day or so.

Cystic Fibrosis doesn't cause C. Diff.  However, those with CF do have a higher likelihood of having the infection - and keeping it.

It can be very difficult to get rid of, which what the "Diff" in C. Diff. stands for...difficult.  We will continue to monitor the infection and try to be aggressive with treating it.

But we are just thrilled to hear he DOES have it.  Thank goodness for antibiotics!!


  1. Hoping he gets rid of if FOR GOOD this time!! Prayers and happy birthday Bennett!!

  2. I know you never want to hear your child is sick, but knowing what he has certainly helps! I'm so glad you have meds on the way!

  3. Breck - you are the BEST momma in the world! You know your baby best and I applaud you for seeking answers when something doesn't 'feel' right!!! I hope that Bennett is feeling better soon and that he able to enjoy his 1st B-day even if it is celebrated a few days late - he won't know the difference. :-) I'm also happy to hear that he is making progress with feeding. Just know that he and your family are in my prayers. God Bless you!!!
    Mary Erickson


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