04 August 2010

Wait for it...Wait for it...

On Monday, Breck spoke with Bennett's CF Doctor about when she felt Bennett would be ready for The VestThe Vest is also known as an oscillating airway clearance system - another way of offering chest percussion to CF patients that doesn't require beating on their chest by hand (as we do with Bennett twice per day).

At first, the doctor said we could look into getting Bennett's Vest sometime after a year.  Then the nurse coordinator piped up and said that usually patients don't get it until 2 years old.  Being disappointed that it would be so long from now, Breck asked if they would consider applying for the vest for Bennett around 18 months.

However, Breck was tickled to death when Bennett's CF Doctor replied, "oh, I don't care.  You can get it now, if you want."

NOW?!  Really?!  We can start the process (which we have heard takes several months) now!?!!

Yep.  According to Bennett's CF doctor, there is not enough research to know whether or not CPT (hand chest therapy) or The Vest (a machine that does it) works better.  So, the Respiratory Therapist came in to measure Bennett and confirmed he was technically big enough if we wanted to go forward. (Which we said we did, in fact, want to go forward.)

So, we talked about the three companies that put out the Vest and chose to go with the company Hill-Rom.

Then, yesterday, we got a call.  This is what the caller idea said:

"The Vest Hill Rom"

It was like Santa himself calling!  (It's funny how they didn't just put "Hill-Rom", they put "The Vest" on the caller ID - because they know people will DEFINITELY answer if they know their "Vest" is calling! :))  We were very excited.

Apparently, our CF Clinic contacted Hill-Rom and Hill-Rom wanted to ask us a few questions.  After giving insurance information and other details about Bennett's care, the Hill-Rom Vest lady said that the Vest would be sent immediately...and that a local Vest trainer would be contacting us soon to set up a time to come out to show us how it works.

We expressed our concern that we would be out of town next week and didn't want to miss delivery of the vest, so the lady said, "oh, no problem.  I'll just overnight it!"

OVERNIGHT it?!  It's HUGE?!  I thought this process was going to take MONTHS!  It's taking less than 48 HOURS!!

Again, so exciting!

So, we were estatic when what should we find but a knock at the door this morning and there it was! (ENTER: Hallejuah Chorus)

A lady will be by later this week to show us how it works.

The Vest came in a big duffle bag with rollers.

The left pocket holds the Vest machine's tubes.  The right pocket holds the cords and vest.  The middle of the duffle bag holds the main machine that pumps the air.

Here is Bennett's vest. 

Unfortunately, as easy as it was to get the vest, it's not usually as easy for the kids to get used to.  Fortunately, we have 30 days to try it and if Bennett doesn't tolerate it, we can choose to send it back.  But we are very excited because this will allow him some independence and us the convenience of giving his therapy more regularly.

Now, we just need Bennett to agree to this! (We're hoping Bennett is as chilled about it as his little boy.)

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  1. wow that was fast! ;D Fingers crossed for Bennetts positive response to it. I wonder why we don't use CPT here? I wanna go look for videos on youtube on how to do CPT on Sara.


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