15 August 2010

Update: Happy Baby!

Bennett is doing phenomenal these days.  He is like a normal baby and we are pleased as peaches!

Bennett's pain is almost a distant memory these days.  We never seen him curl in pain or scream like he is being stabbed like we used to see.  We are keeping him on the lower formula concentration and this has taken away all symptoms of intolerance and tummy aches.  In fact, we haven't had the slightest clue on when Bennett is making a dirty diaper so we haven't seen any more rectal prolapse issues.  There is always a chance he is still having problems with it, but we don't see him showing any warning signs that this is happening.

But to top it off, Bennett's vomiting issues have all but stopped as well!  We're on day number 4 of no spontaneously throwing up.  We still have no idea what really caused his vomiting issues but we did notice that after a few days of his new medication his vomiting disappeared!  It has been awesome to have Bennett wear one outfit for most of the day and to have him wake up with dry bed sheets!

Last week, the doctor put Bennett on a new medication.  He now takes 3ml of metronidazole four times per day.  He will continue this for another week in order to treat the Clostridium Difficile bacteria found in Bennett's stool.  Clostridium Difficile (also known as C. Diff.) is common among those with CF.  However, it can be fatal if not treated.  This antibiotic is probably also treating whatever was causing Bennett's vomiting, if it wasn't the C. Diff. itself.

The GI doctor has received the results of Bennett's bloodwork last week.  We hope to hear on Monday if everything is good.  We received Bennett's throat culture results.  His culture was clear, other than some evidence of Staph (which is common and fairly harmless).  We are happy to know his lungs look good.  He'll have another throat culture in another 3 months - and will do so for the rest of his life.

We are so thankful that Bennett is doing so well!  He is cracking us up with his fun new tricks.  He loves to shake his head "no" when we ask him to do anything.  And he loves to run-crawl whenever we tease that we are going to tickle him.

In many ways, his feeling good, in the absence of pain and vomiting, is one of the first times we have actually thought to ourselves, Bennett is acting like a normal baby.  And despite a feeding tube, vest therapy and multiple doctors appointments, we are starting to feel like life with Bennett is, in fact, normal.

We are praising God for every bit of normalcy in our lives!  We will have to put a video soon of our sweet boy laughing.  There is nothing so beautiful than hearing the squeals of a happy baby!

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  1. So glad to hear. It is such a blessing to have those times of just feeling normal. People with totally healthy kiddos have a hard time understanding that intense burden of illness. So...when the times are good...enjoy them to the fullest. I would love to see a video of this cute little guy that we have been praying for sometime. blessings to you.


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