31 August 2010

Thank You Mumsy and Aunt Brooklyn!

The house is quiet again - no more games with Aunt Brooklyn or kisses from Mumsy - as they have both returned home.  Now just games and kisses from plain old Mom and Dad will have to do.   Here's a picture of Mumsy and her boys taken right before she left to go home.  Mumsy is a ball of energy and we love when she visits!

Unfortunately, Aunt Brooklyn escaped without a picture of she and her nephews, so we've included a recent picture of her.  Both Bennett and Oliver *love* playing with Aunt Brook.  She has an incredible knack for charming children and a laugh that is contagious!

We already miss Aunt Brook and Mumsy but have plans to see them again soon!

Thank you both for helping us make this past weekend wonderful!  We know - because we do it every day - that caring for our boys, particularly Bennett, can be hard work.  Thank you for all you did!

Now, can you come back next weekend and do it again!?!


  1. Awwe, I miss your whole family! Can you send them up my way next! (especially Aunt Brooklyn) ;)

  2. Sooo sweet! I see your mom and Brooklyn have not changed a bit!


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