24 August 2010

Refrigerated Poo. And Don't worry, we're family.

Can you find it?

Top shelf.  In the "Refrigerated Specimen Bag" so it won't be mistaken.

There it is - next to Bennett's medication is Bennett poo in our fridge.  Fortunately, it didn't stay in there long.   We took it from his morning diaper and had it at the doc's office within two hours.  It's still creepy to reach for the milk and find this though. :)

Bennett had some bloodwork done this morning and we brought in a stool sample to double check if his C.Diff. is gone.  We look forward to hearing the results in the next few days.  We're pretty confident that things should be fine.

When we went in for Bennett's bloodwork, the sweet ladies at the lab upstairs of our Pediatrician's office asked us if Bennett had ever had bloodwork before.  Breck chuckled, "yes, all the time."  Then the lady realized that she recognized us from a few weeks ago.  She said, "oh that's right.  And your son did really well when your friend was holding him."  We were surprised she remembered the time when our friend Emily (a nurse) came to help hold Bennett during his bloodwork.  But there was something comforting in being remembered.

It's nice to become acquaintance-friends with the upstairs bloodwork ladies.  We already adore the front desk lady, Deborah, at the Pediatric office.  And we know all of Bennett's Peds nurses on first name basis.  And yesterday, we saw one of Bennett's old NICU nurses at a local children's museum.  Somehow, it feels sorta like we're apart of a family.  And that's ok.  It makes it less scary somehow.

Of course, some "family members" tend to join by coercion, rather than by pure will.  A nurse at our GI doctor's office used to respond to us despondently and with little interest in caring for our needs.  However, Breck is quite persistent when she fights for Bennett and was recently unrelenting in her daily phone calls to this nurse until the nurse herself became invested in what we needed from her.  Later, after the issue was resolved and the nurse began to warm up to us (aka started calling us back), Breck felt comfortable apologizing as to why she was calling so much.  She said, "I don't mean to bother you but I am certainly aware that 'the squeaky wheel gets the oil.'"  The nurse laughed and said it was "no big deal."  She replied, "that's ok.  I have a few mommas like that - a few I keep on my radar screen..."  And then she said, "...and that's not a bad thing."  Breck felt good to hear that the nurse finally put Breck on her "radar screen" as we're sure she finally decided: if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.  Welcome to our team, GI Nurse.  We're family now!

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