27 August 2010

Playing At The Doctor

A few days ago, we went in to get Oliver the Flu Mist (they now give many kids and adults the flu vaccine through their nose) and to get bloodwork done for Bennett.  The boys were awesome playing in the examination room for a short wait.  Oliver played with a $1 measuring tape Breck keeps in her purse for moments such as these.  Bennett played with whatever he could get his hands on.

We will be returning in another few weeks for Bennett when the Pediatrician has their batch of Flu shots ready.  Bennett will never be able to get the Flu Mist and must always get the flu shot since the Flu Mist has the live virus in it - therefore potentially compromising Bennett's health.  It's not a big deal for kids who are healthy but is not good for kids with respiratory issues such as CF.

Thankfully, Bennett's bloodwork has come back all clean.  His C.Diff. is gone and we're in the clear for a while more!  Hooray for good health and a happy, active baby!


  1. Such precious pictures! I can't believe I've still not met Bennett - he's getting so big!!!

    Can't wait to see you today, girl!!!!!

  2. Aww cutie pies!

    Chloe and I can't ever have them- due to the egg allergy. Strangely enough she developed the egg allergy after getting the MMR round (or whichever one it is with eggs in it).

  3. I love the last pic! He's growing up so fast!


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