23 August 2010

Our Quiet, Our New Schedule....and a word of thanks.

We have been quiet in our tiny blogosphere.  Bennett is doing so well right now (we are still asking ourselves - what just happened?!) that we have been very preoccupied with *life* and feeling less and less overcome by CF.  It's amazing and we are so thankful for good health and peace! 

We continue to take pictures of Bennett to document what he's doing these days.  But 90% of them are blurry as he's on the go constantly!  In fact, he is a very fast crawler!  And he is pulling up so fast and easily that we wouldn't be surprised if he was walking on or before his first birthday!

Brian starts back to school today.  This means our world gets turned upside down a bit.  It will be nice in many ways.  We love the routine that comes with school and we welcome a break from these 100 degree temperatures.  However, Brian's PhD education is grueling and can be very non-flexible.  This can be hard as the fall also brings an early sundown and cold/flu season. 

So, we are embracing a new schedule and new expectations starting today.  Despite that we enter into the school year fall schedule with some anxiety, we have had to remind ourselves that what happened last year won't happen likely happen again...and this year is bound to be better:  No more additions to our family.  No more CF diagnoses.  No more critical care of our infant. (we hope!)  No more big overwhelming changes to our life.  Heck, if life could be normal this fall, it's going to be a breeze!!

We have felt many many prayers in the last few weeks.  As we have hit many lows over the last year, we have also experienced many highs.  And these highs have, ironically, seemed to always followed the lows.  Sure, one could argue that anything would feel like a "high" after experiencing a "low."  But we're more apt to say that we can feel God's presence more clearly during times of despair, than during any other time.  Many people have shared with us - via the blog, email, notes and in person - how they have prayed for Bennett and for us.  And we want to share just how much we have felt these prayers.  

It is evident God is near to us.  He has been like a ribbon that has flowed through every ebb and flow of Bennett's short life so far.  Thank you to everyone who has interceded on our behalf.  It has mattered.  We feel it most these days through Bennett's laughter. And it's awesome!

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  1. Beautifully put, Breck. You & your family will continue to be in our thoughts & prayers.


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